SB 10.65.13

kathaṁ nu gṛhṇanty anavasthitātmano
 vacaḥ kṛta-ghnasya budhāḥ pura-striyaḥ
gṛhṇanti vai citra-kathasya sundara-
Word for word: 
katham — how; nu — indeed; gṛhṇanti — do they accept; anavasthita — unsteady; ātmanaḥ — of Him whose heart; vacaḥ — the words; kṛta-ghnasya — who is ungrateful; budhāḥ — intelligent; pura — of the city; striyaḥ — women; gṛhṇanti — they accept; vai — indeed; citra — wonderful; kathasya — whose narrations; sundara — beautifully; smita — smiling; avaloka — by the glances; ucchvasita — brought to life; smara — by lust; āturāḥ — agitated.
“How can intelligent city women possibly trust the words of one whose heart is so unsteady and who is so ungrateful? They must believe Him because He speaks so wonderfully, and also because His beautiful smiling glances arouse their lust.

According to Śrīdhara Svāmī, some gopīs speak the first two lines of this verse, and others reply in the second two lines.